Public University Faculty Promote “White Privilege” Training in Staff Meetings

Western Washington University White Privilege Training Staff Only

Until recently, compulsory monthly meetings, officially called “[Dean of Students] Unit Cultural Competency Staff Meetings,” have been the norm for faculty members at Western Washington University (WWU).

These meetings, where students are not allowed, can be best described as indoctrination sessions and have replaced the staff’s regular standard performance reviews. They “occur approximately once a month,” according to Campus Reform.

Staff members are sworn to secrecy and told not to discuss what goes on in these meetings with anyone else.

One anonymous staff member wrote in an email to Campus Reform,

“At the beginning of the Cultural Competency Staff Meetings several employees felt uncomfortable talking about sensitive racial topics, so we were told not to share conversations from the meetings outside of [them],” and that “Some people still didn’t feel comfortable so the Dean of Students said the meetings are optional if you don’t feel comfortable attending.”

It’s no wonder. Reading materials provided for the left-wing staff meetings included works such as  “White Privilege Shapes the U.S.” by Robert Jensen.

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Rutgers Faculty and Students Hate Black Woman: Intolerant of Free Speech

Rutgers The Hate University of New JerseyFaculty and students at Rutgers University in New Jersey are demonstrating their “enlightened” sense of tolerance by protesting the former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s invitation to speak at the 2014 Rutgers commencement ceremony later this year.

The Faculty Council of Hate Speech at Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus is trying to have the invitation rescinded. They are joined in their efforts by students who are also condemning Ms. Rice as commencement speaker and the New Brunswick Faculty Council of Hate Speech is hoping that other members of their cabal in Camden and Newark will join them as well.

The Council passed a resolution last week asking the university’s Board of Governors to have Rice dragged off in chains and flogged for daring to express an opposing view to “The Tolerant Ones,” as the Council members call themselves.

“Intolerance is our weapon and deceit our shield,” said one disgruntled faculty member. Another said that, “being the first black woman to serve as National Security Adviser and the nation’s Secretary of State will offer her no relief for her transgressions.”

“Her resistance to groupthink is an abomination to academia,” one professor retorted as his fellow academics approvingly nodded their heads in unison.

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