The People Will Rise When Governments Fail

autodefensas michoacan when governments fail

On the Southwest coast of Mexico lies the Free and Sovereign State of Michoacán de Ocampo. One third of its economy is derived from agriculture. Along with its enormous lemon and mango plantations, well over of a million acres is devoted to avocado production. The U.S. consumes about 90% of the avocado harvest, which are produced year round and it boasts that avocados are delivered to the U.S. less than 48 hours after they are harvested. Michoacán can now boast of their fuerzas autodefensas (self-defense forces).

Farmers and the people of the state of Michoacán were being brutalized by a vicious drug cartel. Gangsters and thugs ruled Michoacán by theft, robbery, kidnapping, murder, and extortion. Their illegal activities also encompassed mining and logging. The group’s violence included savagely beheading their enemies. Too may people were losing their lives and freedom, or any sort of liberty, was being denied.

Note: Most troubling, is a recent development associated with their kidnappings, human organ harvesting, which reportedly targets children.

Farms were being stolen, either by cartel lawyers or at the point of a gun while store owners were being charged monthly fees, taxes were being imposed on all vehicles, and tariffs were put on crates of harvested fruit. The criminals were even preparing to tax housing based on square footage.

The Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) Cartel that ruled the region was reborn upon the ashes of La Familia after it dissolved in 2011 when its boss, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, known as the “Craziest One,” was reportedly killed in a gun battle the year before. Prior to La Familia, the Gulf Cartel dominated the area after having achieved its dominance along the U.S. Mexican border starting in the 1970s.

The Knights Templar criminal organization’s tactics included acquiring the cooperation of corrupt local public officials and police through bribes, and when that didn’t work, with threats.

The state’s government officials were unable to bring the cartel under control. There were rumors that state government official were in collusion with the organized crime cartel.

Bringing this all to a head for the people of Michoacán was the rape and pillaging of girls and wives. Their government had lost control. Organized crime was in control. The people weren’t’ happy. They had finally had enough. Tired of the cartel’s reign of terror, the people banded together to form vigilante groups and took up arms in February 2013.

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Open Carry – “I Got A Squash”

911 Scary Squash 544 X 345“911. What’s your emergency?”

“Ummm… there are some scary men walking around town.”

“Scary men, ma’am? What kind of men?”

“Scary men.”

“I understand that, ma’am. What are they doing?”

“They’re walking around town.”

“And that scares you, ma’am?”


“Then how are they scaring you, ma’am?”

“It’s what they’re carrying that scares me.”

“And what is it, ma’am, that they’re carrying?”

“A squash.”

“A squash, ma’am? And that’s scares you?”

“No. It’s how they’re carrying it.”

“And how is it, ma’am, that they’re carrying this squash?”

“In a gun holster. They are openly carrying this big squash in a gun holster.”

“And that scares you, ma’am?”

“Yes, I’m terrified. It looks menacing.”

“Alright, ma’am, hang tight. I’ll send an officer right over.”

Well, it really wasn’t the open carry of squash that got the cops called on some men in Austin, Texas recently. But it was some men that were exercising their right to openly carry their long guns (which is entirely legal in the state of Texas) that did.

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Don’t Be A Target

Attention Criminals - This is a gun free crime zoneJust 168 out of 2.5 million. That’s the number that former Navy SEAL Dom Raso is talking about in his latest commentary at NRA News. Dom points out that since 1987 only 168 concealed carry of weapons permit holders in the State of Florida have committed crimes with firearms.

Two and a half million permits have been issued in Florida since 1987 so that’s a lot of good guys (and gals) with guns and out of that two and a half million permits that were issued only 168 people did something stupid like use a firearm to commit a crime.

With numbers like that anyone would be hard pressed to find a segment of society that is more law-abiding (with respect to firearm crimes). And just for the math of it, 168 out of 2.5 million is 0.0000672% (No Common Core needed).

And that’s what’s part of the bigger picture that Dom Raso is talking about in his message to businesses. If you want to make your place of business a “gun free” zone, then do so knowing that you are excluding up to 2.5 million law-abiding potential crime stoppers from your business.

Criminals just love that kind of thinking because criminals know that “gun free” zones and “gun free” establishments are vulnerable targets. Criminals are more emboldened when victims don’t fight back.

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