Hobby Lobby 1 Obama The Abortionist 0

Hobby Lobby 1 Obama The Abortionist 0

Obama’s probably a little bummed that the Supreme Court overruled his Hobby Lobby contraception mandate. Sociopaths have a tendency to get a little angry when things don’t go their way. They do things, unspeakable things. So far, no leaked word yet from the White House of the unspeakable acts committed there within. His minions are, if anything, loyal. Plus, the people’s house, the White House, has sub-basements, sure to stifle any screams of terror that might emanate from down below. I’ll bet it’s hot down there, very hot. Because Obama’s hot and madder than hell. And he’s angry to boot.

Though the recent Supreme Court’s decision was a big win for Hobby Lobby, there are still thousands upon thousands of people who may be forced by Obamacare to participate in the murder of their own grandchildren. Under the Affordable Care Act, parents can keep their kids on their policy until those children reach the age of 26. And if that child of theirs decides to have an abortion that destroys the life growing in the womb, so be it. Just send the bill to the would-be grandma and grandpa.

Would-be Grandmas and Grandpas do have an out though. They can stop claiming the abortion-minded child as a dependent, thereby forcing the child to seek their own health insurance. That’s probably easier to do once that child has reached 18, but I’m sure that the government would be happy to provide that person with affordable healthcare and even subsidize that healthcare when necessary.

Remember the State of the Union in 2009 when Obama said that no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions? I do. I remember. Anyone receiving an Obamacare subsidy though is receiving federal dollars, federal tax money. Money that is taken by force from the U.S. federal government to fund the murderous killing of helpless innocent babies in the womb.

Bob Unruh wrote about the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby vs. Obamacare decision over at WND:

The U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision Monday ruled that a “closely held” for-profit business can opt out of Obamacare’s controversial contraception requirement based on religious objections.

Hobby Lobby’s argument was based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, which protects the individual beliefs of citizens.

The majority opinion by Justice Samuel Alito dismissed the Department of Health and Human Services argument that the companies cannot sue because they are for-profit corporations and that the owners cannot sue because the regulations apply only to the companies. Alito said that “would leave merchants with a difficult choice: give up the right to seek judicial protection of their religious liberty or forgo the benefits of operating as corporations.”

The opinion said the RFRA’s text “shows that Congress designed the statute to provide very broad protection for religious liberty and did not intend to put merchants to such a choice.”

Alito said “the purpose of extending rights to corporations is to protect the rights of people associated with the corporation, including shareholders, officers, and employees.”

“Protecting the free-exercise rights of closely held corporations thus protects the religious liberty of humans who own and control them.”

The opinion said while the dissent argues RFRA does not cover Conestoga, Hobby Lobby and Mardel, an affiliate company of Hobby Lobby, because they cannot “exercise religion,” the justices “offer no persuasive explanation for this conclusion.”

“The corporate form alone cannot explain it because RFRA indisputable protects nonprofit corporations. And the profit-making objective of the corporations cannot explain it because the court has entertained the free-exercise claims of individuals who were attempting to make a profit as retail merchants.”

The court said that “business practices compelled or limited by the tenets of a religious doctrine fall comfortably within the understanding of the ‘exercise of religion.’”

While the court ruling was not a sweeping First Amendment freedom of religion ruling, it concluded: “HHS’s contraceptive mandate substantially burdens the exercise of religion.”

“It requires the Hahns and Greens to engage in conduct that seriously violates their sincere religious belief that life begins at conception.”

The opinion made clear the priority of protecting religion.

“RFRA’s question is whether the mandate imposes a substantial burden on the objecting parties’ ability to conduct business in accordance with their religious beliefs. … It is not for the court to say that the religious beliefs of the plaintiffs are mistaken or unreasonable.”

Joining Alito were Chief Justice John Roberts, whose determination two years that Obamacare was a tax saved the law, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas.

The opinion concluded that if the government is demanding free abortion-inducing drugs for women, it should pay for them.

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Lunatic Left Environmental Extremists Enable Mass Murder Because They Just Don’t Give a Damn About Mankind

20th Century most prolific mass murderer rachel louise carson

The lunatic left, in their self-absorbed delusions of grandeur, imagines that their vision of the world is the one and only vision worth seeing. When they latch onto an idea though, their myopic vision totally obscures any and all adverse ramifications of their thoughts, understandings, or actions. In truth, they don’t have the brains to think things through.

Such was a woman named Rachel Louise Carson. Her single-mindedness, tenacity, and buffoonery, as it were, may have been responsible for more deaths in the 20th Century with her junk-science than you can imagine any one single person could possibly be responsible for.

Such a legacy might be hard to surpass. But I am confident enough in the stupidity of the extreme left and the Law of Unintended Consequences, that the luncatic left will eventually exceed the milestone set by Rachel Louise Carson and that they will sadly far, far surpass it and that the genocide that they have initiated will continue. Such is the ignorance, indifference, and the hubris of the left. Such are the lies they tell.

James Delingpole at Breitbart London wrote today:

Go on to Google today and you’ll see a charming illustration celebrating the life and work of environmentalist Rachel Carson. There’s a turtle and a pelican and a crab and a delightful seal in an idyllic landscape of flowers and trees and water. But what are missing from the picture, for some bizarre reason, are the dead bodies of the millions of people who died of malaria thanks to Carson’s principled campaigning against the insecticide DDT.

Will Google be paying similar tribute to any of the other mass killers of the 2oth century? Hitler? Stalin? Mao? Pol Pot? Probably not. But then, none of the others have had the benefit of having their images burnished by a thousand and one starry eyed greenies. Nor, unlike Carson – as I note in The Little Green Book of Eco Fascism – do they have named after them a school, a bridge, a hiking trail, three environmental prizes and an annual “sustainable” feast day (at her birthplace in Springdale, Pennsylvania).

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Democratic Party’s War on Women Going Well After Islamic Extremists Kidnap Schoolgirls for Slave Trade

slave market

Somebody wake up Muhammad Ali for a minute a tell him that he only traded in his “slave name” Cassius Clay for another, Muhammad Ali. Perhaps the Clay’s from way back yonder owned slaves. Maybe not. I’m no historian and I don’t know. What I do know is that somewhere along the line is that some enterprising folks from the Nation of Islam saw an opportunity to feed Cassius Clay a line of bull, and they took it.

They filled up the young mind of Cassius Clay with the idea that the white man was the cause of all evil and that a Muslim was only capable of peace, that is was only the white man that engaged in slavery and that it was only the Muslim heart that was capable of true freedom, that Muslims were incapable of engaging in something as abhorrent as slavery.

Ha ha! Fooled You! They fooled you good. When Cassius Clay is dead and gone I hope that people do not forget him, or his stupidity. I hope that people remember what he said and remember what a fool he was. I hope that people flock to his gravesite and leave little reminders of his ignorance of man and Islam.

Perhaps the people could leave newspaper clippings on his headstone of the modern-day 21st century slave trade, slave trade perpetrated by Islamic extremists nearly fifty years after Cassius Clay converted to Islam. Surely, if he were cognizant today he would somehow find a way to blame the white man and forgive his Muslim brothers if not outright endorse their actions. I cannot.

As reported at The Blaze by Sharona Schwartz:

The leader of the Nigerian Islamic extremist group Boko Haram said Allah has “instructed” him to begin selling the estimated 300 teenage girls they abducted last month from their school dormitories in northeast Nigeria.

In a new video, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau claimed responsibility for the April 15 kidnapping and said that plans for more abductions of girls are in the works, the Associated Press reported.

“I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah,” Shekau said as he was flanked by masked men holding AK-47s. “Allah has instructed me to sell them. They are his property and I will carry out his instructions.”

The militants abducted the schoolgirls after shooting their way past school guards then loading the teenage girls onto trucks. Some of them escaped by jumping off of the open trucks.

The kidnapping occurred in northeastern Nigeria where there has been a surge of violence by the Boko Haram terrorist group trying to institute Islamic law in the African nation.

TheBlaze is unable to verify the number of girls who were kidnapped. The AP reported that 300 were abducted, while Reuters placed the number around 200.

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Illegal Immigrant Alien Invaders’ Acts of Love Not So Saintly After All Shows The Progressive Left’s Big Lie

Jeb Bush Holding Acts of Love Sign
The progressive left lies like no one else. When you hear them speak about illegal immigration it’s all rainbows and fairy tales about the nice people that wouldn’t hurt a fly who all want to come to America to contribute and do their saintly work to make America a better place and take nothing away. Words such as those were echoed by Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) in the Congressional record:

“And they do those jobs not because they want to take away anything from America, but because they want to give their skills, their sweat, their labor, for a better life and to help build a better America, just as those who came before them.”

There’s a very dark side that the left doesn’t want to talk about. They want to whitewash the crimes and the horror perpetrated by those lovable innocent never-do-harm-to-anyone always-alltruistric new undocumented neighbors of ours.

There are even some on the right who paint them now as saintly. Jeb Bush thinks that these alien invaders are performing an act of love by illegally entering America or illegally overstaying their welcome. Perhaps it’s his compassionate conservatism that’s showing through. Or perhaps he’s going senile. Or maybe even it’s because Columba’s extended family is bigger than anyone realized.

One wonders if Jeb’s compassion now includes open borders or a chair on the board of directors for the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation.

Brandon Darby points out over at Breitbart, illegal immigration is not all about puppy dogs and lollipops.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush insisted that many of the instances of illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. were “acts of love.” Though many of the human beings who enter the U.S. illegally or overstay their legally permitted time in the U.S. are doing so to earn more resources and provide for families, many of the illegal immigrants who come into the U.S. are doing so for highly criminal reasons–a fact often left out of the discussion or otherwise barely mentioned.
 Breitbart Texas has provided 35 of these other “acts of love” for our readers.

40. Mexican Citizen Caught Allegedly Smuggling 140 lbs. of Pot 34-year-old Francisco Manuel Villa-Ruiz of Cananea, Sonora, Mexico allegedly attempted to smuggle 53 packages of marijuana weighing 139 pounds in his vehicle’s back seat and quarter panels at an Arizona border crossing.

39. Pedestrian Foreign National Reportedly Caught with $15K in Meth An unnamed 40-year-old male was apprehended after reportedly attempting to walk through an Arizona border checkpoint with $15,000 in methamphetamine.

38. Mexican Septuagenarian Arrested with Nearly $200,000 in Coke, Heroin 70-year-old Andres Gamez-Garcia Cajeme, Sonora, Mexico was reportedly found with 14 packages of heroin and cocaine.

37. Mexican National Allegedly Busted with $165K in Meth 40-year-old Fernando Cejudo-Nevarez of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico was allegedly caught with 10 packages of methamphetamine at the Mariposa crossing in Arizona.

36. Mexican National Allegedly Caught Smuggling $81,000 in Narcotics into US A 20-year-old Mexican national was reportedly caught attempting to smuggle large quantities of drugs into southern California using vacuum-sealed bags hidden in his vehicle’s fuel tank.

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40 ‘Acts of Love’ … and Counting

Soviet Propaganda in Jay Carney’s Home Shows Another Communist in Obama Administration

carney kitchen

Do you remember Van Jones, admitted Communist and 9/11 truther, that resigned from the Obama Administration in June of 2009? Or maybe you recall Anita Dunn, former White House communications director who once upon a time said that Mao Zedong was one of the two philosophers that she admired the most?

Well, it appears that they are in good company. Jay Carney, current Obama Administration White House Press Secretary hearts Soviet propaganda. Perhaps he’s reminiscent about the millions that marxist Uncle Joe (Joseph Stalin) killed during his reign of the Soviet Empire. One can imagine that Carney’s miffed that Uncle Joe didn’t even come close to the millions murdered by Chairman Mao.

However, all hope is not lost. Surely Carney and his wife, ABC News contributor Claire Shipman, are taking lessons so that they can dance together on the graves of good American when the great American Communist Revolution comes and their dreams of a New World Order are fulfilled.

carney soviet women workerThe moral blindness of the American Ruling Class is on display. The Washingtonian Magazine, a glossy lifestyle and politics rag, has published a fawning profile of D.C. power couple Jay Carney and Claire Shipman that was a bit more revealing than intended. At the top of the piece was a photo of mom Claire with her son and daughter, flipping a fried egg in their beautiful kitchen/great room.

Ms. Shipman appears the absolute epitome of a have-it-all contemporary woman, able to work at a powerful and glamorous job (part-time at ABC News), raise two adorable children, and maintain the type of house most Americans can only dream about, while hubby works directly for the POTUS and faces the national media daily. Oh, and at 51 she is still beautiful.

carney enlistWhat could possibly be a fly in the ointment of the picture of perfection?

Well, how about those Soviet propaganda posters in the background? The Week noticed, and highlighted them, and Drudge put the story up.

Now, to be fair, both sides of the power couple studied Russian during their Ivy League educations (he: Yale, she: Columbia) and became Moscow correspondents for major news agencies (he: TIME Magazine back when it still mattered, she: CNN), where they met prior to the fall of the USSR. But the fact that they seem to be nostalgic for the communist era tells us a lot.

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Golfing Obama Embraces Heat Wave as US Suffers Coldest Oct-March in 102 Years

Obama putin at frozen niagara falls

The Prez putin’ at frozen Niagara Falls. Obama body by ThePeoplesCube.com

President Obama embraced a mid-winter heat wave by playing golf as the U.S. suffered its coldest October-March in 102 years. Niagara Falls froze over again earlier this month for the second time this winter prompting President Obama to drop all of his pseudo-presidential duties and immediately fly, using Air Force One, to the frozen falls for a round of golf. The President stated that, “The American people understand that I will not rest until every American has a job that wants one… or my handicap improves.

The heat wave generated by the global warming hoax had caused the great falls to freeze over for the second time this winter. Polar vortex heat waves are commonly justified by the Global Warming Alarmists’ hoaxsters as the natural result of man-made global warming. The record low Oct-March U.S. temperatures, in their view, prove that the global warming hoax is not merely a product of their vivid imaginations.

White House blog has said that they know that the “cold spell is of a type there’s reason to believe may become more frequent in a world that’s getting warmer, on average, because of greenhouse-gas pollution.”

Also, according to Global Warming Alarmists, Lake Michigan covered over by ice 90% this past winter was due to global warming as well. From now on, they claim, all weather, hot or cold, wet or dry, is caused by man-made global warming. They have even gone so far as to blame man retroactively for the last great Ice Age and are planning on using their pseudo-science to blame mankind for all ice ages that have occurred throughout history.

According to Steven Goddard, the coldest winter in 102 years is from data compiled from temperatures that were reported by all U.S. Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) stations. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), “The USHCN is a designated subset of the NOAA Cooperative Observer Program (COOP) Network with sites selected according to their spatial coverage, record length, data completeness, and historical stability.
Coldest October-March In The US In 102 Years Chart

Not wanting to let facts get in the way of real science, the Global Warming Alarmists have vowed to increase insufficient taxation and regulation to burden the U.S. population and impose their will on the people, using force if and when necessary. Perhaps this is why the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) let it slip last year that they had planned on purchasing more than 1.6 billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition, along with 7,000 fully-automatic 5.56x45mm NATO “personal defense weapons” plus a huge stash of 30-round high-capacity magazines and had retrofitted over 2700 Mine-Resistant Armored Protection (MRAP) vehicles.

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Green Energy Plan Incinerates Aborted Babies To Heat UK Hospitals

soylent green energy fair share people volunteer today

In what must be a win-win for the progressive liberal left-wing green energy pro-abortion culture of death crowd, it was announced in the Telegraph that the remains of aborted babies have been used in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants to heat hospitals as part of an energy efficiency program. No word yet from the Obama Administration, or from Health and Human Services (HHS) director Kathleen Sebilius, if they are weighing the cost-saving measures.

The Telegraph reports that, “The remains of more than 15,000 babies were incinerated as ‘clinical waste’ by hospitals in Britain.” Ten trusts of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) have admitted to burning the fetal remains along with other rubbish. Two other trusts have used the bodies of dead babies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat. It is not known if the green energy-from-waste plants are owned by the Soylent Corporation, whose slogan “Green Energy For People IS People” and demands from people to “Do Your Fair Share And Volunteer Today.

Upon hearing of the practice, the Department of Health issued an instant ban on the practice which health minister Dr. Dan Poulter branded ‘totally unacceptable.’ Dr. Poulter did not clarify whether the practice itself was unacceptable or whether the low number of incinerated dead babies was unacceptable.

Over the last two years, at least 15,500 babies have been incinerated by 27 NHS trust, so perhaps the health minister is appalled at the low number of facilities where the dead babies bodies are burned along with the rubbish or are used in green energy-from-waste plants to heat hospitals.

The UK green energy-from-waste plan was brought to light by actress Amanda Holden, a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, in a documentary investigating the treatment of parents who lose children during pregnancy. Holden herself had suffered both a stillbirth and a miscarriage and was unaware of the green energy program. She found out that many parents were not told that the remains were being sent to green energy-from-waste plants, only that the remains were ‘cremated.’

NHS figures show there are around 4,000 stillbirths each year in the UK and that one in seven pregnancies end in miscarriage. If the UK’s green energy-from-waste program is to achieve sustainable levels, those numbers will have to increase. The progressive liberal left-wing green energy pro-abortion movement crowd has their work cutout for them.

New slogans supporting abortion as a green energy-from-waste right are bound to appear.


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